Our Mission

We believe Walls Deserve Art™

Our mission is to fight the blank wall epidemic. We aim to provide five star customer service, superior product quality, and cool designs! We love meeting y'all in person, traveling all over, and sharing art!

Starting Out: A Blank Wall Transformed

Our story begins during the lovely pandemic shutdowns. There's nothing better for a creative than free time and an ungodly amount of stress.

I found myself spending more time within the four walls of my apartment, and that's when I realized that something was missing. I looked at the blank walls that surrounded me, and I knew that I wasn't alone in this experience.

College students, in particular, can relate to dull, uninspiring dorm walls. Why did I feel like I was a prisoner in my dorm?

Then I had an idea...

Photo is from one of our first pop-up events in 2022.
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Designing Posters: Travel Inspiration

Growing up, my parents taught me to appreciate traveling and the outdoors. I wanted to design posters that reminded me of my favorite places I've traveled to.

I decided to create a national park poster line. The first collection was more of a simple, minimalistic series. As my skills as a graphic designer grew, I designed another set of all 63 parks that resembled trading cards.

After releasing my second series, I discovered the largely forgotten 1930's WPA style national park travel series.

I fell in love with the style and decided to craft a vintage watercolor style and create a third national park collection.

This became my favorite travel series.

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Coping with Sarcasm

Personally, I think the best way to cope with things beyond your control is with sarcasm.

After selling a few thousand posters, I realized that I had a problem. I had too many designs. Right now, I have over 6,500 files on a spare SSD that represents three years of creative projects. This made inventory hard and it was impossible to know which posters I had in stock.

I wanted to streamline some of my collections and focus on creating better designs rather than saying yes to my ADHD and creating random design after random design.

That's when I originally thought of Doomsville, a random American town where events are greatly exaggerated. With a little world building, I created a perfect solution to continue rolling out my sarcasm heavy posters.

The first implementation of Doomsville is the Doomsville Book Store where government propaganda and self help books are hard to distinguish.

I hope my designs make you smile, Cam.